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Important information about using our interpreting services

1) Individuals and organisations wishing to book a sign language interpreter directly may fill in the booking form below. Your request will be forwarded on to all IOCN members.

2) If you are looking for a specific interpreter, skill set or background, you can search individual interpreters on our Interpreter Directory.

3) If you would like to book a team of interpreters for your event or conference, we can provide a bespoke service that includes organising and coordinating an interpreting team.

Please read the following information carefully before engaging our services:

  • We are NOT an interpreting agency. We are a network of professionals sharing job requests amongst ourselves. All job requests are forwarded to all IOCN members.

  • There is no charge for posting job requests to our members and IOCN does not take a cut for forwarding job requests to our members. The exception to this is when we are asked to organise an interpreting team for an event/conference - this requires paying an interpreting coordinator and so additional fees will apply for this service.

  • We do NOT allow interpreting agencies to post to our network, under any circumstances. If you are an interpreting agency, or an organisation that deals with booking interpreters, you must join as an Agency/Organisation Supporter in order to post jobs to our network. Job requests from interpreting agencies will be deleted and not forwarded to members.

  • All IOCN members are registered with or regulated by a regulatory body. In the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute, IOCN takes no responsibility and all complaints should be directed to the member's registration body (e.g. NRCPD).

What to consider when booking an interpreter?

Try to book an interpreter early as there are increasing demands for the service. The interpreters will require the following information:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Duration

  • Venue

  • Number of participants

  • Type of event.


It is also useful to provide:

  • Any preparation materials for the assignment, such as background information

  • Any handouts, video or audio clips that will be used on the day.


How many interpreters to book?

Best practice guidelines recommend one interpreter for shorter and basic assignments up to one hour in duration. For longer, more intense or complex assignments, at least two interpreters will be required. All events over 1 hour in duration will require 2 interpreters. Events such as conferences, may require a team of three or more interpreters.

Book an Interpreter of Colour
Where will the event take place?

All Interpreters listed on the IOCN website are registered qualified or regulated trainees. IOCN is not an agency. We are a network of professional sharing resources and support. All negotiations agreements are made directly with individual interpreters. In the unlikely event of a dispute, IOCN does not accept any responsibility. Issues should be taken up directly with the interpreter concerned and or the relevant professional registration body.