One of the major areas of activity for IOCN is our work on campaigning for a fairer and more equal society for all. We recognise and empathise with the discrimination that minority groups experience, whether it be the deaf community or people of colour, and we stand side-by-side with minority groups to campaign for a better future.


More diversity and better representation in the profession

Within the signed language interpreting and translation profession, we want to see better representation of interpreters of colour in order to reflect the diverse multicultural society we live in. We also want to see better recognition of the value that the experiences of people from minority communities bring to the work of language and culture brokering.


Decolonisation of the signed language interpreting profession

We want to see a decolonisation of the interpreting profession, from what has traditionally been a field dominated by people who represent the powerful white, hearing majority to a profession that is representative of the diverse society we live in today.


We are campaigning for the decolonisation of interpreter education and interpreting research and academia, and for greater democratisation of the research agenda.


Lobbying professional associations and regulatory bodies

We also maintain social media accounts and send representatives to meetings and conferences of professional interpreting associations. Follow us on our social media accounts to find out more.