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Arusa Abdul Ghani

Qualified Interpreter

Additional skills:






Punjabi, Urdu

About me

I am a qualified and experienced BSL/English interpreter working in a variety of domains listed below.

Physical and Mental Health settings: Clinical hospital settings and out reach community settings, working with a host of multidisciplinary professionals

Islamic faith based settings including: Khutbas (Friday sermons)

Islamic educational settings and training courses

International Islamic assignments including umrah

Weddings, births and funerals

Social Services settings including: Domestic violence, child protection, local authority reviews and assessments

Legal settings: Solicitors out of court consultations

Academic settings: Undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses

Access to Work (AtW) interpreting assignments in a variety of settings

Available for remote bookings via online platforms

First hand aviation industry and travel experience, available for international assignments

  1. * For assignments not listed send an email to book an initial consultation


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