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Jacqui Beckford

Qualified Interpreter

Additional skills:




London, UK




About me

In the infancy of her career Jacqui worked as a Communication Support Worker for City Literary Institute, supporting deaf students in FE and HE. In 2000, she joined a 3 year Interpreter Training Programme at RNID (now AOHL) where she undertook mostly community interpreting. She has specialisms in mental health, television broadcast, (In-Vision covering all programmes and BBC news 24), theatre and the arts generally. A background in contemporary dance lends itself well to her long standing work as a performance interpreter/actor. Since her first national tour with Graeae Theatre Company (What The Butler Saw) in the mid 1990's, she has been on an extraordinary journey. A pivatol moment in her journey was attending the Deaflympics in Denmark 1997. Immersed in an environment where 4,000 Deaf people had converged she had no choice but to use International Sign of which she had no prior experience. One can only imagine what that must have looked like! IS remains a learning goal.

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