Nikki Champagnie Harris

Qualified Interpreter


Additional skills:

Mentor, Buddy






About me

I have been working as an interpreter for 23 years. In the last ten years I decided to change my practise. Focusing mainly in the arts, after working with some fine art students, then I moved into media, theatre, music, entertainments. Whilst also developing my work from home back in 2016, so I could prep for performance assignments. I started doing 2D work from home, subtitling and transcripts for production companies and VRS, VRI translation work and more recently CSO work too.


As well as running my small successful limited company, I am also a qualified counsellor and used to work for Sign Health and Womankind therapy centre. After a long break from therapy work, I would like to register back with BACP and use my skills to mentor supervise IOCN newly qualified interpreters.