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Rabira Dachi

Qualified Interpreter

Additional skills:



London, UK





About me

Hi, my name is Rabira and I have been a RSLI since 2017 and a freelance Interpreter since 2013.

I specialise myself in the medical/mental health settings with the intent of furthering my knowledge and skills of the Legal.

Prior to being self emplyed, I used to work as a CSW at Blanche Neville secondary school for 7 very valuable years. I decided to become an Interpreter as this was the ideal career for me, the perfect combination of my love & passion for languages and social interactions; I wanted to make a real difference to the Deaf community by bringing a holistic approach to Interpreting as well as warmth and a friendly smile:-)

Being born and growing up in France and having a North African Muslim heritage meant that I have always interpreted/translated in my younger age, taking into consideration the cultural norms of the languages used (French and Arabic) when doing so.

I feel very privileged today to be part of such a relevant and colouful network of professionals.

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