How to book an interpreter

What to consider when booking an interpreter?

Try to book an interpreter early as there are increasing demands for the service. The interpreters will require the following information:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Duration

  • Venue

  • Number of participants

  • Type of event.


It is also useful to provide:

  • Any preparation materials for the assignment, such as background information

  • Any handouts, video or audio clips that will be used on the day.


How many interpreters to book?


Best practice guidelines suggest that bookings that run for more than two hours long will require a minimum of two interpreters. There are some bookings that are shorter in time but are more complex and intense in work, which will also require two interpreters.


Events such as conferences, may require a team of interpreters and speech to text operators.

Bookings that require specialist training such as interpreting in child protection and court work, will require two interpreters.

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