A big part of what we do is organise and facilitate networking opportunities so that interpreters and translators of colour from all over the world can come together and share experiences.


Equally important is the opportunity for the wider deaf and hearing communities to come together in the fight against racism and towards a fairer, more equal society for all.

Online All Members Meetings

We hold monthly meetings online for all full members. This is a great way to keep in touch with everyone.

Conference and AGM

We hold an annual European conference and AGM, which is open to all members (although only full members have voting rights at the AGM).

Regional Meetings

Our members also organise regional meetings, which may involve training, talks and peer support or supervision sessions.

Language Policy

We are an international community with deaf and hearing members from different European countries. 

Primary working language: English


Additional working languages: French and International Sign (IS)


Conference languages: English, French and IS


In addition to the official languages, members may wish to seek interpreters in their own spoken or signed language. IOCN is a voluntary organisation and cannot guarantee that an interpreter in a language other than the official working languages will be provided.