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Peer Support

One of our key areas of activity is offering our members a strong peer support network so that they can share their experiences with fellow interpreters of colour. We work in a profession and a society that is predominately White and still dealing with the legacy of slavery and colonialism; this is often reflected in the work we do with the deaf community. Our peer support events offer a safe and confidential space to talk about these issues.


Shadowing and buddying

The informal and voluntary buddying scheme is designed to match trainee, newly qualified or less experienced interpreters with a more experienced interpreter in a particular domain so that our members can develop the confidence to work in new domains. This is particularly the case for high profile work (e.g. TV and conferences) where there is currently very little representation of interpreters of colour.


Members can access professional mentoring services from mentors aware of the issues faced by people of colour.


Members can access professional supervision services to explore the challenges of being a person of colour in a White profession and society.

Peer Support Groups

Full members have access to a number of peer support groups, where members can come together to discuss dilemmas and seek support from colleague interpreters of colour, who may share similar experiences.

Each forum has a specific theme, e.g. general, on the job, training, peer support, so that members can better engage and focus their discussions. Each group has its own team of moderators and members are required to agree and follow the guidelines for each group.


Our peer support groups are closed spaces for interpreters of colour to explore the challenges they face as people of colour working in a predominately white society. These groups have strict rules on confidentiality.


IOCN All Members WhatsApp group (closed)

This is a general discussion forum for all full members. This is only open to full members.

IOCN Bookings WhatsApp group (closed)

This is for posting bookings and for finding cover only. IOCN bookings are also posted in this group. This is only open to full members

IOCN Website forum


Full and associate members can create new discussion threads about any topic.

IOCN France WhatsApp group (closed)

This is a general discussion forum for full members in France. This is a French language forum and is only open to full members.

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